Delivery and Returns

Delivery and Returns Policy

Julie Arnez Furniture’s philosophy on getting your purchases to you on a timely manner and also ensuring that your goods are in mint condition is certainly something we take seriously.

We deliver to most areas around the Perth metro area.

Please be advised that there is an additional charge if the delivery driver has to take items up stairs or staircases,

Julie Arnez Furniture recommends that you choose an appropriate day for your delivery to suit both parties. Usually it can be within a 2 hour time period so you don’t wait for hours.

In the case of an absent household, your items will be returned to our warehouse. In this instance you will have to wait for the next available delivery date and an additional delivery fee would be payable.


Delivery Charges

All delivery charges are fixed as quoted provided that the delivery is on the ground floor and there are no stairs, or a lift involved. Additional charges may apply under the following conditions: Normal site access is not available, deliveries involving stairs or a lift, dwellings not on ground level, no driveway access involving sand or grass or where changes to delivery arrangements are notified to us less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date of delivery. Additional charges will have to be paid directly to the delivery driver where the case may be. It is your responsibility to advise us at the time of sale of any unusual delivery circumstances

Delivery Arrangements

We cannot be responsible for any late delivery or failure to deliver due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. You also need to advise us of any changes in delivery instructions or circumstances at least 48 hours prior to delivery date.

At the time of delivery, you or your representative may be asked to sign a form to acknowledge that the goods were delivered in a good and proper condition. We will assume that anyone at the delivery address who receives the goods is authorised to receive them and provide the acknowledgement.

Where the purchaser requests the merchandise to be left unattended upon delivery, Julie Arnez Furniture accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft that might occur thereafter.

Quotes times are accurate at the date of order but may change due to reasons outside our control.