Furniture Perth, All the Best at our Balcatta Showroom

For on-trend furniture Perth, there is nothing like Julie Arnez Furniture!

Need an update to your current situation? Julie Arnez Furniture, Perth has you covered. Julie Arnez has Perth furniture that is like no other! Her pieces are both current and relevant. Two important options when you want to stay on trend.

Stay Current

Current options are usually the most difficult to discern without looking too trendy. You want something that will be around for enough time, but not so long that you’ve grown sick of it. Enjoy those pieces right now, change up accessories a bit to extend their use longer. Then pack them off to a relative and start over all without feeling bad. It’s the cycle of life.

Stay Relevant

As for staying relevant, if you have to explain the function of the pieces in your home, they have lost relevancy! Keeping pieces appropriate for your time of life, for the way you live is always paramount. Nothing says renewal like new furniture.

Why spend a fortune for current looks when you don’t have to? Looks come and go, wouldn’t you rather have something you can pass on or sell rather than have it hang around for years looking outdated? That’s the way we feel at Julie Arnez Furniture so we keep our Perth furniture current and readily available

Stay on Budget

New furniture in Perth has never been more accessible than it is right now. Visit our showroom to see your new look in action. Sit on the pieces to see how luxurious and comfortable they feel. While in our showroom, pick up suggestions for decorating and adding to your new Perth furniture pieces so your look is cohesive. Getting that pulled together look is what it’s all about.

Visit Us

At Julie Arnez Furniture in Balcatta, we have pieces that we can’t wait to share them with you. The latest looks are ready to show. Not only will you see them all in action, but you are also going to touch and feel everything while in our showroom. Experience Julie Arnez Furniture to the fullest so that when you get home and your pieces arrive, you’ve only to direct delivery to the proper placement of each piece. Then it’s on in your fabulous rooms, one by one! Enjoy Julie Arnez Furniture, your Perth furniture experience! Contact us today to set up an appointment or make an inquiry.



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